Study: Everybody Who Says They Enjoyed Their Internship Dirty Fucking Liars

Intern jpg

After wrapping up their groundbreaking study early Tuesday morning, top researchers in the fields of psychology and sociology were able to confirm that of the vocal minority of students claiming to have enjoyed their summer internships in the fields of finance, medicine, law, and nearly every other potential profession, every single one of them is just lying through their fucking teeth.

Researchers were surprised to find that throughout their study, each and every one of those students who assured their peers through shit eating grins that their time as interns only reaffirmed their future choice of profession were being about as forthcoming as a UAPD Crime Advisory.

These analysts went on to state that despite their test subjects’ insistence that they could really see themselves returning to the very same offices they’d worked in for the past few months, absolutely none of them would be able to survive even a year of employment at these places without slipping into a crippling state of depression.

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