Trouble in the Nut House: Classified Rush Information Leaked



In an unprecedented series of events, Alpha Gamma Delta Social Chair Jordan Millsap has come under fire for allegedly leaking classified rush information to several unidentified sources. Although it remains unclear at this point who if anyone received the information, many believe the data may have fallen into the hands of the sorority’s archrival, Pi Beta Phi, potentially jeopardizing Alpha Gam’s chances of recruiting UA’s most bookish pledge class for the fifth year in a row.

Although unconfirmed at this time, these rumors have already triggered severe backlash. Sources close to Millsap claim that “Nobody has invited Jordan to Innisfree in like weeks.” and “She may not even get invited to her roommate’s birthday pregame.” These are undoubtedly harsh punishments for an accusation that is only speculative at this point, but the passive-aggressive animosity from her “closest friends” shows no signs of stalling any time soon.

Political pundits and Panhellenic delegates alike agree this leak represents the greatest compromise of classified information since a member of Chi Omega infamously posted her sorority’s comprehensive rush strategy on Snapchat just three years ago. It’s obvious at this point that Millsap needs to clear the air as soon as possible, or she may be left out of her friends’ fall break plans, and rumor has it, they’re heading to Rosemary.

Disclaimer: This news was first reported in the Snapchat group Third Floor Betches. The veracity of these claims remains highly questionable at this time.

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